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Seeing these videos makes me want the DVDs. Anyone seen them?

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[name here] is so proud of Jacob. He chose his own musical instrument and started his first lesson this week on the oboe. He is so excited.

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Cesare Siepi died yesterday. RTWT

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“I’m so happy my husband doesn’t know who I am,” Carolyn Williams said.

No, she’s not a misbehaving housewife on some tacky TV show. Williams was attributing her fresh rush of cheer to her participation in the inaugural BSO Academy, which will wrap up an intensive week of activities for adult amateur musicians with a “donor appreciation concert” and party on Saturday at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Nearly 50 people from around the region paid up to $1,650 for this new community outreach venture by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, a camp for grownups who wanted to take their musical interests to a different level.

It’s not like Williams doesn’t know music. Read the rest of the article and you’ll see she attended Peabody!

This article shows a picture of the group.

I like the idea of this! I think it’s not only good for the amateur musicians but for the professionals as well. (Who knows if the musicians from the BSO would agree with me. I doubt anyone from there reads this blog so I guess I’ll never know.)

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About to have our third and final oboe clinic… thank God, this guy is whiny, worse when he plays his instrument

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Music is so ubiquitous in the human species that we rarely give thought to how it affects our mental processes. Though it is difficult to prove, there is evidence that playing a musical instrument helps to develop rational and inquisitive thought processes.

Hmmm. Ya think? Perhaps I should go practice and see what I come up with, eh?


According to Laurence O’Donnell, a music expert who has a site named Music Power, music was a key factor in the writing of America’s Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US and author of the document, played his violin whenever he was struggling with a particular phrase, and the music helped him to get the correct wording onto paper.

Albert Einstein’s parents bought him a violin when his teachers suggested that only basic manual labour would be suitable for their boy, who failed to excel at school.


True? False? Mozart Effect? Wishful thinking?

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The nation is bleeding jobs, unemployment stands at almost 10 percent, and lines run long at job fairs. But in one microscopic sliver of the economy, the pickings are rich: major orchestras.

Next season the New York Philharmonic will have a rare 12 openings, or roughly 12 percent of its instrumental work force, thanks to a confluence of retirements, departures for better jobs and long-unfilled positions. The Boston Symphony Orchestra has 10 vacancies, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra 9, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic 7.

Elsewhere the Cleveland Orchestra has four full-time job openings and one part-time. The Philadelphia Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, San Francisco Symphony and Dallas Symphony each have three openings.