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Music is so ubiquitous in the human species that we rarely give thought to how it affects our mental processes. Though it is difficult to prove, there is evidence that playing a musical instrument helps to develop rational and inquisitive thought processes.

Hmmm. Ya think? Perhaps I should go practice and see what I come up with, eh?


According to Laurence O’Donnell, a music expert who has a site named Music Power, music was a key factor in the writing of America’s Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US and author of the document, played his violin whenever he was struggling with a particular phrase, and the music helped him to get the correct wording onto paper.

Albert Einstein’s parents bought him a violin when his teachers suggested that only basic manual labour would be suitable for their boy, who failed to excel at school.


True? False? Mozart Effect? Wishful thinking?

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