What Are Some Amazing Classical Music Composures ?


  1. I think my most Amazing Classical Music Composure was when I was at an outdoor concert and a bluejay 30 feet overhead in a tree pooped a big, purple, berry-laden plop smack dab onto the back of my hand in the first bar of the Marriage of Figaro overture, and I remained composed long enough to play the overture before reacting in an appropriate manner.

  2. Heh … I’m so glad someone commented on this one. It did make me laugh!


    Of course this is funny. Now. I’m sure it wasn’t funny then.

  3. You were there too – Buenavista Winery, MMF, mid-’80s. And it was even funny then, despite the eeeeeewwwwwww factor.

  4. And I don’t remember?! Oh dear … my poor brain!

  5. patti with an i

    Oh, lord, where to begin? How about keeping a straight face any time a certain former music director of a certain former orchestra would launch into speaking to the audience, and no matter what piece he was talking about the description always seemed to get around to “death… destruction… horror… war… famine… endless winter…” all delivered at least an octave lower than his normal speaking voice?