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Crescendo up, diminuendo down.
My heart it pounds at lessons.
I’m sight reading, she’s got me now,
I didn’t practice and she caught me

Curious how we do, pitted against the clarinet? Check it out.

Now tell me … do you recognize all the oboists mentioned there? (I don’t.)

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It would be a very rare occasion when someone confesses to putting on weight, but we’ve got spies all over the building. We don’t refer to it as putting on weight; we just say someone has “changed.”

I read it here, in an article about Lesley C. Weston, the head of the costume department at the Met.

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Does anybody have a copy of the Poulenc trio for bassoon, oboe and piano that they can scan and send to me ASAP?? Like, legit, ASAP.

Reminder: this is a Facebook Quote of the Day … this is not a legit message from me. 😉

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Spam comments don’t make it through to the site, but sometimes they are just so much fun:

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Next time I say “I’m about to take apart my oboe” … Someone hit me

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The sounds are dense and textured, with dissonance and harmony, with compositional elements of fugues and sonatas, written by a contemporary composer and performed by a live orchestra.

The target audience? Children ages 1 to 5.

By the time she was 8, she wanted to be a concert pianist and was practicing for five hours a day. By age 10, she was writing her own music. She went on to earn a Ph.D. in composition and work as a professor and composer.

“When I became pregnant, I wanted to share my compositions with my own daughter,” said Takahashi. “That’s how this began. Our first video was filmed in my husband’s father’s living room. Since then, we’ve gone into development to learn how to make it fun and educational and make it in the very best production quality.”

While there are other companies that offer classical music to children, Takahashi said, “I really wanted to make sure the music would be real. We wouldn’t use synthesizers. We wouldn’t dumb down the music. We would speak up to children with the music.”

She is clear to stay away from making any claims that Juno Baby will boost a child’s IQ or attention span, claims that companies including Baby Einstein have now been discredited for making.


I’d never heard of Juno Baby, but then I don’t have babies around here these days. Anyone with young’uns heard of this?