Psalm 23
Soweto Gospel Choir
Traditional Arr: D. Mulovhedzi
Leads: Lindi/Jabulile/Thuli

Sung in Sotho

Ke na le modisa ke tla be ke hlokang?
Ke ya ipitsang Jehova molimo o phelang

O nkisa botaleng, lijong tse mphelisang
O nkalosa dinokaneng metsing a nkholisang

Lira li ka ntlhoya ke sa ja monono
Mohope oa khaphatseha ke dutse ka thabo

English Sotho Interpretation of Psalm 23
Sotho interpretation of Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want
His name is Jehova, the living God
He leads me to cool waters


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  2. How weird, Eefje. That’s the title of another post from earlier, of course … very strange!