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No, I really don’t think that about any of my readers … but that’s what came to mind when I read an article about the “Cello in a box”. I thought it because of this quote:

“People are usually pleased at the tone quality,” Nussbaum says, “because they expect it to sound horrible, and they find it doesn’t sound horrible, so that’s good.”

So it doesn’t sound horrible and that’s the good news. But does it sound anywhere close to good? Hmmm. From what I’m reading, probably not.

I can’t imagine dealing with something that sounds bad … even while I realize one can practice scales and arpeggios and all, I think the sound would cause me to not play as well. It certainly wouldn’t encourage me to practice. Kind of like having only rotten reeds.

Oh. Wait. That’s the norm for me! Hmmm.

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