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[name here] is going to tune her concert band with a vuvuzela instead of an oboe some day.

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Fun to see this on YouTube:

Quinteto Latino:

Oh dear … THIS is scary!:

Q: How much is a decent oboe

A: A decent beginners Oboe costs anywhere from 1000 – 1500 dollars for a new oboe and 300 – 500 dollars for a used one.

This is simply not true. Oboes cost more. Sorry.

I read it here.

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the oboe is an under appreciated instrument

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… well, Merola began a while ago, as you can read at some other sites*, but for me it began yesterday. We had our first orchestra rehearsal for the Schwabacher set. It’s so great to get back to work, and I love seeing music friends after having been out of work for so long (my last job was June 6 … yikes!). I’m playing second oboe and English horn, and it doesn’t appear that I have a lot to do for the set. I’m okay with that; it’s just good to be back! We have a performance this Friday night, and then again the following Sunday. Visit the Merola site for more info.

We have another morning rehearsal today that begins at 10:30 and runs to 1:30. This makes it tough for a person like me; I’m used to eating my breakfast at about 11:00! Everything gets thrown off a bit. I get up there early enough to have a bite to eat before the rehearsal begins, because I won’t eat during the rehearsal and I don’t like to eat in the car on the drive home. I might be reconsidering the eating in the car thing, though; when I get home today I have to teach shortly after. So maybe I’ll get my act together and make a sandwich. (ME? Make a lunch ahead of time? Crazy!)

*Others who have blogged about Merola (you’ll have to look around for the Merola posts):
Not For Fun Only
Opera Tattler
and at least one Merolini has a blog, but I want to ask permission before linking it in an actual post.

Blog entries may start getting sparse around here. When I do the commuting to San Francisco thing I run out of time for a lot of blogging. Such is life. I’m just thankful to have this (somewhat unexpected) work!

Permission granted! Robin Flynn has granted permission to post to her blog! She is currently in San Francisco, running and singing and acting and doing all the things (plus the running) that singers do. I don’t believe we see and hear the singers today, but I look forward to tomorrow, when I’m sure they’ll be there! So visit Robin’s site to read about her Merola adventures.