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On Monday 13 July, the New London Chamber Choir will perform a new work, in which each part is based on the individual singer’s genetic sequence.

‘Allele’ by Michael Zev Gordon and with words by Ruth Padel is being performed as part of an event at the Royal Society of Medicine entitled ‘Music from the Genome’. The genetic data comes from a research project being headed by Dr Andrew Morley to identify genetic traits linked to musical ability. As part of the research, Dr Morley took DNA samples from each of the singers, which has now been used as the basis of the musical work.

Composer Michael Zev Gordon said: “The work takes strands of genetic code, turning the varying order of the four constituent ‘DNA bases’ into musical patterns. Most of the human genome is common to us all, but at certain points in the sequence there are tiny variants which may lead to our individual characteristics – including musicality. These crucial variants of genes are called ‘alleles’, hence the title.”

To hear a recording of the choir rehearsing the work, please visit:


My problem with this? Monday was July 12. At least in this part of the world.

I read it here.

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