16. July 2010 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

Dunno. But something went very awry with the site, so I’ve switched it out. I’m not totally sold on this new theme, and now all the links I had in the third column are gone, so I have to figure all of that out. But at least you can read the darn blog. In case you cared. 🙂


  1. I think you should have a fancy colorful site!

  2. Hah! I like simple and very plain. Sort of like me and my brain.

  3. Aren’t the things on the far right of the old format now on the far left?

    BTW, Patti, I am applying to graduate school (Music Education) and playing my audition on August 9, 2010. Not bad for a 56 year old obstetrician/gynecologist/oboist who wants to go back to school. I am playing the first two movements of the Handle g minor concerto and the first Schumann Romance. Wish me well. Lots of long tones between now and then. (You don’t have to post this if you don’t want to.)

  4. Bill, I figured out how to get them to appear after I wrote the above, so yes, they are now there! 🙂

    And WOW! Grad school … I’m impressed! I’m too chicken to go back to school; I have fear of failure! I hope it all goes very well for you!

  5. I was wondering, Bill, how that audition went! (Do you receive an email when a comment goes up here, since you posted a comment?) Hmmm.