17. July 2010 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

Hmmm. Ever since I changed the template to this site I’ve received very few visitors. Does changing the template change things for readers, I wonder? Do the RSS feeds all disappear? I wouldn’t think so.

Maybe you all just hate me now?

I’m trying not to take it personally. 😉

So the issue with the site was entirely of MY doing. Sigh. But now I’m choosing a new theme, so expect to see it go through various transformations this week as I figure things out.

I know at least one blogger enjoys posting haiku. Maybe some of you others want to join in. This is from Anne Akiko Meyers Facebook page:

Post your haiku on my facebook page wall by Friday, July 30th, and I will choose a winner to have their submitted haiku printed in the booklet accompanying my new recording. The winner will also receive 5 copies of the “Seasons… dreams” to distribute to friends and family. By posting your haiku on my wall, you are agreeing to allow us to print your haiku in the CD booklet free of charge.


I might have been misunderstood here … the contest is not being put on by me; you have to send your haiku to Anne Akiko Meyers. (But I do love to read them so feel free to share them here as well!)

17. July 2010 · Comments Off on Break Time · Categories: Merola, Ramble

I’ve been home from the Merola concert for over an hour. It does take me a while to relax before getting to sleep; I’m always a bit wired. Of course I also had the ever important job of catching up on my Scrabble and Lexulous games on Facebook. Hey … if you are my “friend” — whatever that word means! — there feel free to challenge me to a game; I’m not the best player. I’m also not the worst. (Whew!)

I now have a break from Merola. We do the same music a week from this Sunday at a free (!!) concert at Yerba Buena Gardens. From there we move to Elixir of Love. I’m looking forward to returning to things there, but I really do hope I get some things done around this house while I have this brief break. (And of course I do continue with students.)

In Other News
I’m not sure I’ll hang on to this new template, but for now it’s what I’ll deal with. I do like the very plain and simple look. It’s kind of like me, I suppose. Very plain. Very simple. 🙂