17. July 2010 · Comments Off on Break Time · Categories: Merola, Ramble

I’ve been home from the Merola concert for over an hour. It does take me a while to relax before getting to sleep; I’m always a bit wired. Of course I also had the ever important job of catching up on my Scrabble and Lexulous games on Facebook. Hey … if you are my “friend” — whatever that word means! — there feel free to challenge me to a game; I’m not the best player. I’m also not the worst. (Whew!)

I now have a break from Merola. We do the same music a week from this Sunday at a free (!!) concert at Yerba Buena Gardens. From there we move to Elixir of Love. I’m looking forward to returning to things there, but I really do hope I get some things done around this house while I have this brief break. (And of course I do continue with students.)

In Other News
I’m not sure I’ll hang on to this new template, but for now it’s what I’ll deal with. I do like the very plain and simple look. It’s kind of like me, I suppose. Very plain. Very simple. 🙂

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