17. July 2010 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

Hmmm. Ever since I changed the template to this site I’ve received very few visitors. Does changing the template change things for readers, I wonder? Do the RSS feeds all disappear? I wouldn’t think so.

Maybe you all just hate me now?

I’m trying not to take it personally. 😉

So the issue with the site was entirely of MY doing. Sigh. But now I’m choosing a new theme, so expect to see it go through various transformations this week as I figure things out.


  1. No hate! Only love. (But I think I like the color on your old template better.)

  2. I visit every day and I will continue because I love this site. However, the other format seemed to pull me in a bit more.

  3. I wish I could use that template, but even after deleting and reinstalling it it has the problems, so I will have to search for something new. I might start working on it later today.

  4. I really liked the old format. Once I get used to whatever you end up with I’m sure I’ll like it as much.

    It’s the content, not the format that draws me in…

  5. I’m just ready for a change, Bob. I think it’s time. I know everyone won’t agree, though! Ah well … I’ll continue to play around with it.