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Call for Orchestral Players –

operamission is presenting Così fan tutte August 17-22.

A reading orchestra is being assembled for four sessions to jam through Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte with a spectacular cast of singers at New York’s Gershwin Hotel on 27th St & 5th Avenue.

Qualified players of the following instruments are invited to sign up:


Players may participate in any number of sessions. We will cover 30-40 minutes of music in each session.

Four hosts – a conductor (Jennifer Peterson), a stage director (Ned Canty), a dramaturg (Cori Ellison) and an Italian language master (Marco Nisticò) will lead the audience through the musical and dramaturgical assembly of the work.

Parts will be available in advance. Final seating & chair assignments are at the discretion of the conductor.

Four three-hour sessions

Act I, Part 1 – Tuesday, August 17, 7-10pm (7:30 downbeat)
Act I, Part 2 – Wednesday, August 18, 7-10pm (7:30 downbeat)
Act II, Part 1 – Friday, August 20, 7-10pm (7:30 downbeat)
Act II, Part 1 – Sunday, August 22, 4-7pm (4:30 downbeat)

To sign up, contact Jennifer Peterson at operamission in one of the following three ways:
email – operamission@gmail.com
twitter – http://twitter.com/operamission
website – leave a comment here at www.operamission.org

Facebook event ‘Così fan tutte: Some Assembly Required’ displays full details, but a facebook RSVP is unofficial if not confirmed via one of the above three media.


Wanna play?

Seriously … it’s Così! C’mon … you know you wanna! 😎

Lovely announcement of the event

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Great oboe lesson for [daughter’s name] today! Her teacher said that she had improved so much in just two weeks! She seems to think that [daughter’s name] will have great success with the oboe!

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I am trying to envision and quantify the musical potential of being able to play the oboe versus the ability of being able to play the clarinet.

What instrument might offer a more versatile musical experience for a child? By versatile, I was thinking of an instrument that a child might desire to play throughout his/her life at home for relaxation and enjoyment rather than as a professional job in an orchestra. Thats why I love the piano and I am thankful my parents gave me piano lessons as a child. I’m not professional but I play every few days just for enjoyment outside of my professional life.

I can see the clarinet being a nice instrument a child might desire to play in the evenings after a long day at work for relaxation but I am not so sure about the oboe.

Can you see this with an oboe? or is the oboe too awkward of a sound for personal at-home use and more suitable to only ensemble or orchestral playing in a professional environment?

You see, I am not sure if my daughter will become a professional musician and I just want her to have the opportunity to be able to play a second instrument (she already plays the piano) for leisure and simply for the enjoyment of playing music.

If you were to choose between an oboe and a clarinet for such reasons what would you choose?

Do read the entire question.

I’m not sure how I’d answer, to be honest. The reed issue with oboe is definitely something to consider. I have been at this for an awfully long time and I still really hate the reed part. The clarinet may be easier to “keep up” on a lighter level, and the reeds are certainly less costly. But at the same time, oboe is … well … oboe! You can’t beat the sound of an oboe. Right?

What I might ask the questioner is, “What does your daughter like? Has she heard both instruments and thought about which sound appeals to her more? Does one just grab her heart?”

Anyone out there want to go give your answer to the parent? Go for it!

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#nowplaying “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal (love dis song. I actually wanted 2 learn 2 play the oboe so I could play that woodwind part)

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Love it!

I got rhythm and played tennis with Mr. Schoenberg
By Kyo Yoshida