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I just read an article about a guy who has started a new business. He trolls around the web, looking for blogs and sites that have taken things from newspapers and posted them.

I’m all for following laws. If I put it up here I do so because I think it’s legal. My understanding is that I can quote a paper, as long as I note that it’s quoted, and I always make a point to link to the newspaper.

So do tell … am I in for trouble if someone lands here?

And what about my “FBQD”, “TQOD” and other quotes of the day? Should I cease and desist before they take away my millions?

Oh. Wait. I have no millions.

You will notice I never put poetry (other than my goofy ditties) up here unless it’s something old enough to be in the public domain. Song lyrics, poetry … things like that are tricky. You have to get permission for both, and if I’m remembering correctly you can’t take a snippet of a poem, as it has to be in full. So I’m very careful about those. I do put up YouTube videos, with the assumption (maybe stupid on my part) that if YouTube hasn’t pulled ’em they are okay. (I know someone who put up something and was contacted pretty much immediately and told she had to take it down!)

But still … what is legal? Any attorneys out there want to help me on this one? I sure don’t want to be sued!

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Summer is also NOT a time to relax. With all due respect to Gershwin and The Fresh Prince summer is neither when “the livin’ is easy,” nor a “time to sit back and unwind.” While they create a nice tune, musicians should never be trusted for their factual accuracy.

-Dwight Schrute (yes, the character from The Office)

I found it on Dwights blog. Really.

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This is the first sentence of a New York Times article:

It took some convincing to get Galen Lemmon to play with the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s orchestra.

I’ve known Galen since the 70s. We were both in the San Jose State University music department. We both played in San Jose Symphony and now are in Symphony Silicon Valley. Heck, I attended his wedding. And he’s just an all around nice guy.

Now he gets the lead sentence in an article in the New York Times

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Enjoying listening to my beginning oboe player. I’m truly loving that she’s enjoying it so much!

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Here’s an interesting video of twenty singers doing a part of the Queen of the Night aria. There are some big differences. The thing that I am bothered by with some is the heaviness … the singers sound “stuck” on the notes rather than singing them lightly and moving forward. Or something. I’m not a singer, so I’m not sure how to really explain what I’m hearing. And intonation can be a bit iffy, even with some very well known names. One begins with a really weird way of going from one note to the other … it almost made me think she was doing some scat singing!

Criticisms aside, I can’t imagine singing this! Oboe is so much easier for things like this. 🙂

Give it a listen. Who would you pick for your fave. (Try listening without watching maybe … we can hear differently that way, you know?)

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Yet another incredibly intelligent question & answer (?!):

Q: What makes the oboe better than the flute?

A: This question really comes down to personal opinion, but you could say the oboe has more range then a flute. ChaCha! On!

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If you can’t make it up to Yerba Buena Gardens to hear Merola, perhaps you can make it to this:

Music in the Park
Los Gatos
July 25, 2010
Opera San José

Just a bit later you could get a bit of the upcoming production of Anna Karenina from OSJ singers:

Anna Karenina-Opera San Jose
Saturday, Aug 7 2:00p to 4:00p
at Belmont Public Library, Belmont, CA

A Lecture-Performance By The Company Of Opera San Jose About The Opera That Will Premier In September, Based On The Classic Novel By Leo Tolstoy. 2:00 P.M., Saturday, August 7, Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda De Las Pulgas, Belmont. This Event Is Free And The Public Is Welcome.

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The oboe is the lobster of the woodwinds.