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Our older son, Brandon, is in New York, and is looking for work. If you like me, you’d love him. If you don’t like me, you’d still love him. Seriously.

Here’s what he says:

I’m submitting my resume & contacting some temp agencies BUT am definitely looking for any and all work right now and all leads are welcome. My degree is in Graphic Design so I know all my Adobe software inside & out. I’m also killer at the MS Office Suite and I’m a killer office worker (seriously, everyone loves me at this). I have also been known to work in record stores and on film sets. My resume as it stands is posted here.

References available upon request, natch.

If you can be of assistance I’d be forever grateful. Or at least I’d be grateful as long as I’m alive. After that I can’t make any promises.

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Today, as I mentioned before, was a two rehearsal day for Merola. The first was merely us orchestra folk, but the second one included a cast of Elixir. My, oh, my there are some good voices there. I mean … wow! I’m so enjoying hearing these talented young singers!

To add to this joy, I am playing second oboe and there is nothing stressful about the opera for me. This past year had its ups and downs, and definitely had a lot of stressful moments, what with principal oboe for opera and English horn for some of symphony. So I am now just basking in beautiful voices and no stress at all.

Happy times, to be sure! 🙂

I met mezzo-soprano, Robin Flynn, yesterday at the Yerba Buena Gardens Merola concert. I had already been following her blog (*It appears Robin has deleted a lot of things online. I can no longer locate this blog!), so I was pretty excited to hear that she was going to be at Merola this year. I’m not one to introduce myself to people I follow, but I was standing right by her and had already commented on her site about playing in the orchestra, so I managed to open my mouth and say hello. (While I was dressed like a total grunge; I had bought a rather ugly black sweatshirt. I was so cold during the rehearsal I just couldn’t fathom surviving the performance as well. I really looked horrible!)

Now you can read about another part of Robin’s life here. Yes. She runs. A lot.

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Oboe reeds have their challenges…I know, I know….understatement….

“You cannot tune an oboe.”

I was at the Symphony with a dear friend who was kind enough to treat me to a lovely dinner and concert, and as the orchestra was tuning up, she turned to me and said those words.

The first chair violin strikes an A on the piano, then the oboe sings out and the rest of the orchestra tunes to the oboe. Although technically you *can* tune an oboe it is the hardest instrument to tune outside of the piano or the harp. Those can be tuned well in advance and usually stay in key as long as they aren’t moved after tuning. But regarding the oboe, since tuning it is difficult, the orchestra simply tunes up to its note so that they sound harmonious during play. What an elegant solution of adapting to a challenging circumstance, isn’t it?

One hardly thinks of the oboe as a critical instrument in an orchestra, and I say that with the utmost respect to that fine instrument, but an orchestra is an assembly, a true team, and therefore the orchestra tunes to its most inflexible member to protect the overall quality of its sound.

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… I still don’t get it, but my brain is on freeze and so this is no surprise.

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The orchestra are tuning for the second half. I get goosebumps whenever I hear the oboe call its A…