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When I was teaching last Saturday one student seemed to have reed issues. I rarely play on students’ reeds these days, but I wanted to see if it was the reed or him. So I said, “Are you healthy?” to which he replied, “Yes.” After checking the reed (it was fine), the young student started coughing. A lot. “Do you have a cold?” I asked. “No.”

Yeah. Right.

Last night I came down with a sore throat. Today I’m definitely not enjoying this runny nose.

Okay. This time I really mean it: I am not going to play on students’ reeds. I will determine “issues” by the crow, as I friend does. I can’t afford to get sick. And I do not like those throat ‘o mine. Sigh.

Tomorrow it’s a very long day of two opera rehearsals, both of which include overtime. I certainly hoep I’m feeling better by then!

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The National Anthem. Played on oboe. Really.

Oh … but it was in 1996. So maybe she’s done it a lot. And maybe this isn’t a “first” at all. Still ….

Maybe I should be calling my San Francisco Giants up. Ya think?

Check out the picture of an English horn player. It’s a “coloring page” you can download. But who would want to have that picture? Yikes!

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When Berlioz and Franck used the English Horn in their symphonies, the critics said it was vulgar because Haydn and Beethoven did not use an English Horn in their symphonies.

(I had never heard this before. Can anyone verify it for me?)

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that trilobite didnt know the difference between an oboe and an elbow

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I could listen to good oboe concertos all day. Why aren’t oboes more popular?