30. July 2010 · Comments Off on Noooo! · Categories: Ramble

When I was teaching last Saturday one student seemed to have reed issues. I rarely play on students’ reeds these days, but I wanted to see if it was the reed or him. So I said, “Are you healthy?” to which he replied, “Yes.” After checking the reed (it was fine), the young student started coughing. A lot. “Do you have a cold?” I asked. “No.”

Yeah. Right.

Last night I came down with a sore throat. Today I’m definitely not enjoying this runny nose.

Okay. This time I really mean it: I am not going to play on students’ reeds. I will determine “issues” by the crow, as I friend does. I can’t afford to get sick. And I do not like those throat ‘o mine. Sigh.

Tomorrow it’s a very long day of two opera rehearsals, both of which include overtime. I certainly hoep I’m feeling better by then!

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