03. August 2010 · Comments Off on Coughing & Oboe · Categories: Ramble

… not a good mix, really.

Tonight is our final rehearsal for Elixir. Last night was … well … interesting. My cold has moved from sore throat to frustrating cough. It’s especially bad when I try to do something like, well, let’s see … play the oboe. Sigh. That’s when the cough really hits. Hard. Do you know how hard it is to play oboe and cough at the same time? I do.

I’m thinking I’ll have to bring a thermos of hot tea or something. Maybe that will help. Of course a hot drink doesn’t do the oboe any favors; when I drink something hot and then blow through the oboe I frequently get water in an octave key.

I suspect fun times are ahead for me this evening.

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