Sardonika’s bid to become a big time player in the video game industry was dealt a major blow today when Trillvision, the makers of Oboe Hero, declared bankruptcy.

CEO Cyril Richey said he has filed Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 22, The Prologue and Acknowledgments.

Modeled after the wildly popular Guitar Hero, Oboe Hero players use a reed-instrument simulator to match notes that scroll across a video screen.

It was not the instrument that doomed sales, but the limited repertoire of Mozart’s Concerto in C major, “Hang On Sloopy” and “I’m A Little Tea Pot”.

“We thought they would fly off the shelves,” lamented Richey. “But this year we’ve only sold two. And one of them was returned by an irate teen who’d received it as a gift from his shut-in aunt.”




  1. Hang on Sloopy? I was waiting for that one. Anybody can play the Mozart Concerto. What a missed opportunity. HAHAHA

  2. I had to post this, it was so funny!

  3. …I loved that game…the kids and the dog somehow didn’t get it though…