It’s 12:13 as I begin this post. I’m just home from Elixir. The opera ended at 10:45, but then there’s the walk to the car and the drive home. So this is my life for two more nights. (Sunday is a matinee so that won’t be quite so crazy.) I think back to playing shows in San Francisco. That was six days a week, five of which had evening shows. AND my kids were younger, which meant waking up in the morning at a decent hour. I’m not quite sure how I managed, but I did. (I do think I became a bit of a crazy person during those runs, though.)

I think the opera went well; the audience seemed to respond to most of the funny parts, and if I read them correctly they enjoyed the singers. I just hope they weren’t aware of my coughing fits. I’m not sure, though, that those could be ignored. At one point it felt as if a sliver was caught in my throat. That was the worst it’s ever felt. I even had to play with a cough drop in my mouth. Not exactly good for the oboe and reed. But the show goes on and, cough cough cough, I made it through. I’m just so thankful I’m on second oboe so I didn’t have solos and had less playing.

Prior to the start of the opera, blogger and reviewer Joshua Kosman came to the “pit” (fat chance it qualifies as a pit) and introduced himself. What an honor to meet him! During intermission I saw and chatted with Charlise Tiee of Opera Tattler fame. It’ll be interesting to read what both of them have to say about the opera.

Were we too loud? Did we cover the singers? I wonder. I’m still playing with a swab in the oboe. I’m playing as soft as physically possible. But I’m also on the same level as the first row of the audience (talk about awkward; I’m a bit above the principal oboe and flutes, as it’s the only way we can fit four in a row). No matter how softly I play, I’m going to be louder than I would be from a true pit.

I had my “embarrassing moment”, I hope, for the entire run (aside from the coughing). Last night when the conductor came out at the start he not only shook the concertmaster’s hand, but he also, surprisingly, shook mine. So tonight when he came out he shook her hand, turned to acknowledge us, and I thought he was reaching for my hand when he wasn’t. I stuck my hand out. Ack! It was merely a response due to last night’s hand shaking surprise, but I’m guessing it looked very silly. Oh well. I do tend to have embarrassing moments now and again. Trouble is, they tend to stick with me for a very long time. They are much like bad reviews; I remember them in great detail.

Now I will attempt to fall asleep and even sleep in. We’ll see if I manage!


  1. Lovely to talk to you, as always. Look forward to hearing you all again tonight!

  2. Thank you for not tattling on that horrible coughing second oboist! 😉