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Here’s one, again by Opera Tattler, about last night’s performance. It’s a different cast. For the most part. Until Nemorino had to be pulled due to what sounded like a cold or something that hit his voice. (Believe me, I know how it can be … not that I sing, but my throat is NOT pleased that I’m playing oboe right now.)

Opera Tattler writes about the singer switch as well as other things. I had wondered if the horrible hearing aid was heard by the entire audience. From what she writes I’m guess so. How sad for the audience. The elderly man was sitting within arm’s reach of me. If I were a brave sort I might have said something to him. But of course I’m not brave, so never mind. She also write about the orchestra not being together. Well. Yes. There’s that. In other words, she’s correct. I’ll just leave it at that, aside from saying she’s right about the space. And I hadn’t really thought about how the play within a play thing doesn’t quite work. I just like the set & costumes and wasn’t thinking about it in any “this doesn’t quite work” kind of way. Because that would … well … require thinking. Now why would I start thinking at this point in my life, eh?

I always feel bad for a singer when things go awry. I remember many years ago when I actually heard a popping sound on a soprano note right at the very end of a first act. Sure enough, the singer wasn’t able to continue. The poor girl was crying; her parents had come all the way here to hear her, and she had done something that disabled her for, if I’m remembering correctly, the rest of the run. I believe that last night’s first Nemorino has his mother here from Australia. I’m sure he was distraught too. I wish him a speedy recovery … in time for Sunday if at all possible!

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