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I’m going to guess a young person wrote this. I suppose it’s not quite as “cute” if it’s written by someone older.

Hardest Woodwind Instrument
It may look like a skinny, small clarinet with a tube in place of a mouthpiece, but the oboe is even harder to play. Unlike its single-reeded counterpart, it has no mouthpiece – just a double reed attached to a staple. You just can’t blow directly on the reeds, you have to draw your lips and insert that bare reed between them. It takes a lot of breath control, especially if you pass little air through your “mouthpiece.” You might consider the bassoon as an alternative but it’s also another pain in the apples instrument to play because it also has an exposed double reed you have to blow through. If I were to be suggested to play the oboe in the band, I’d rather play an alto clarinet.

I read it here.

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