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This is great! Free wifi on a bus!! And no security checks. My bags had to be search 3 times at the airport. Apparently oboe reeds resemble bullets (yes, I’m serious 🙂

(I’ve heard this too; what do you oboists do when you travel? Do you trust your reeds in your checked luggage or deal with the search?)


  1. I’ve had issues with my euphonium mouthpiece at the airport. They all think it’s some kind of drug paraphernalia.

  2. Heh … you mean it isn’t?

  3. I definitely carry mine on. If I’ve got them with me, usually the security staff will let me handle them myself during a search. If they search my checked bag, I won’t be there to save them from having their tips smashed.

  4. BUT … gee, Bret, what if … just what IF … a great reed maker was searching your bags. Looked at ’em. Said, “Hmm, I think this reed is salvageable?! This one too!” and proceeded to fix up the reeds.

    Just pondering …. 😉

    (I can dream, can’t I?)

  5. I haven’t had any issues with my reeds. I have a kinda dangerous reed case (the part that holds the reed moves really easily) so I just put bubble wrap in it to make sure they’re safe and bring my oboe through security.

  6. My favorite airport incident was the security guy who studied the oboe very closely as I explained that it was a musical instrument, and then opened my HUGE reed case and looked at the rows and rows with great bafflement. I said, “Well, those are the reeds. They make the sound on the instrument.” He looked from the reeds to the oboe and back to me and said, “So…do you strum it with these?”

  7. How about trying to explain that a bassoon is NOT a rocket launcher.

  8. Haha Jennet!! Great story!

    I haven’t had any problems – just put my reeds in their case in the pocket of my case cover. Toold in my checked luggage.

    I did encounter a very curious agent when returning from the ROPA/ICSOM conference in Toronto a number of years ago. Apparently the agent used to play oboe in high school and wanted to renew her friendship with the oboe. My oboe. She took each peice out and, well, for a lack of a better word, fondled it. With a gigantic smile on her face but not on mine.

  9. Georgia, I have a wonderful reed case with wire mandrels that hold the reeds so solidly it’s pretty amazing. But I still think they’ll go on the plane with me! (With no bubble wrap.) 🙂

    I guess some security folk don’t know much about our instrument, eh? Funny story, Jennet. Except … hmmm … maybe some of my reeds SHOULD be used for strumming. Might be best.

    But YIKES, Ceci, I’d be having a fit if someone did that. Geesh!

    Bill, you mean a bassoon isn’t a rocket launcher? I always thought they could serve double duty. Oh well.

  10. yeah, I need to get a bigger reed case since I’m starting to learn how to make reeds.
    I think my oboe teacher Michael Aducci has the one your talking about.

  11. Yep, Mike has that one, Georgia. He saw mine, in fact, and then ordered one for himself. (Mike is a dear friend and he plays with me on occasion; I didn’t realize you and I are “neighbors”!)

    Now what I want from Mike is that great tray he has! 🙂

  12. I’ve had it looked at and the case opened but they seem to know to be careful. I believe they’ve even asked me to open it for them but I’m not sure. The last time i traveled with my oboe and english horn (funny enough coming home from John Mack Oboe Camp) the tsa officer grabbed the case from where they take it for an additional search and then handed it to me saying it shouldn’t be flying down the conveyor belt.

  13. We’ll see what happens with me, Bryan; tomorrow is the big day!