11. August 2010 · 5 comments · Categories: Videos

… and I’ve always used my fingernail. But still, this is news you might be able to use:


  1. Uh – about Netflix – I always tear those envelopes getting them open.

  2. I don’t do Netflix, so I can’t speak for those envelopes! 🙂

  3. That looked like an English horn on the cover of one of the CDs he opened near the end.

    Wished I’d known this years ago when my trio did a promo concert at a Christian Bookstore. One lady bought 15 of our CDs and had to unwrap all of them to get them signed. Poor lady.

  4. Genius!

  5. I’ve always opened my CDs this way, so I figured everyone did!

    The guy who did this writes about classical music, so I’m sure he could have some EH CDs in his collection. 🙂