And of course we all know they are the most intellectual musicians in an orchestra … um … right? 😉

In keeping with their appearance, bassoonists are among the most intellectual members of the modern symphony orchestra. The bassoon’s origins are shrouded in mystery, and they are often used to comical effect in music from Haydn to Hitchcock. Bassoonists always know what’s going on in an orchestra, and they are often fond of gourmet mushrooms.

… well, now I know what to buy my bassoonist friends when I need to get them a gift. Mushrooms!

And then there’s this:

Those of us interested in theater read the articles in the paper and the program notes to find out about director Achim Freyer’s take on the Ring. Those of us who can see the stage watched to take in the production and the acting, and of course that helps us to know better what to do musically. It’s very strange that in an endeavor supposedly melding different art forms, the orchestra usually knows very little about the dramatic approach. And I would guess that the lighting people know very little about our concerns.

On the other hand, James Conlon, like many conductors, does speak to the orchestra about the characters and the story, and he connects them to the music we’re rehearsing. He might pause to tell us part of the story in order to explain why he wants a certain expressive character or a certain sound in a passage.

… hmmm. I’ve never had a conductor talk to us about the characters. I would love it if they would!

Do read the whole thing!


  1. Well, of course we are quite intellectual – I mean, like, DUH!!!

    As for gifts, I prefer truffles (black) if you’re leaning towards the gourmet mushroom idea. Or dark chocolate truffles, if you’re not! 😉

    (David Bartolotta was not only a mushroom aficionado, he would go out and gather wild varieties – knowledgeably – and come home and cook delicious dishes featuring them!!!)

  2. Dark Chocolate? Geesh. Evil words, those. 😎

  3. Muahahahaha…

  4. And NOW an evil laugh? Scary scary you … or, as I first typed sacry sacry you.