So an oboist has posted a portion of a Barret study. Hmmm. I can do that with the MacBook … right? I’ve not tried, but it seems to me that maybe I could. I should do this for my students, so they can see how they are playing. I suppose, though, they wouldn’t appreciate it posted on YouTube. (But notice you can’t see the oboist in the video? I could film that way.) Without a great microphone setup one doesn’t get perfect sound, but you can listen for glitches, rhythm and intonation, certainly. (And no, I won’t be critiquing the video I’m posting; the oboist hasn’t asked for that on the YouTube page, so I’m assuming he isn’t interested in our doing that.) Not sure why I am only now thinking of this as a teaching aid. I guess I not only have OldBoeBrain, but I have SlowBoeBrain too. Go figure.

Anyway, check it out!


  1. I just figured out how to embed Quicktime videos on my website–you could have a special page for your students’ videos (maybe password protected), and upload Quicktime videos of them, avoiding youtube completely. Posting videos for your students to see how they play is an excellent idea, Patty–I might steal it! First I need a video camera, though 🙂

  2. Hi, Patty –

    Check with Wendell… he’s teaching online, even overseas…