12. August 2010 · 4 comments · Categories: TV

Well … um … yes. She’s only ten. Probably not a lot has happened to her at this point, right? 😉

So here’s this very cute ten year old girl singing “O mio babbino caro”.

(You have to put up with the stuff before and after, but do listen to her sing. This kiddo does have some talent. Now of course one never knows what will happen in the future … but how fun to hear a 10 year old singing something from an opera!)


  1. I really like this, and thought her encore of “Toxic” was the perfect end to a wonderful evening of television.

  2. So Dave, I never know if you are being serious or not … well … sometimes I know when you are NOT! So do ‘fess up.

    I didn’t watch the show, so I haven’t a clue what the encore was like.

  3. She was great! I loved the backup dancers, and the fact she really WENT for it. The snake over the shoulders what also very cool, although it was unfortunate that it fell off, then was stepped on, and the on-call vet had to be brought out. Other than that, I agree with you – very talented!

  4. Okay … got it.

    Man, you must drive Jillian absolutely bonkers sometimes! 😉

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