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Check it out!

There’s even a paragraph on Elixir.

I wasn’t completely tuned in to how Merola operates, and wasn’t clear on the Adler Fellows, so I found it an interesting read.

Then, as Ms. Graham put it, “they throw you into the deep end of the pool, even if you don’t know how to swim.” I interviewed 10 participants in the program, from the class of 1980 to the class of 2010. All agreed on the frantic intensity of the pace, the incredible amount of information you were expected to absorb—while preparing for at least three public performances—in less than three months. “We were all little sponges, ready to cram in as much as possible,” said Ms. Voigt, between rehearsals in Japan. “The faculty throw such a crazy amount of information at you,” says Eleazar Rodriguez, ’09-’10. “Only now, a year later, am I beginning to understand it.” Elza van den Heever, ’03-’04—who has an astonishing career already lined up—compared the program to a young doctor’s high-pressure residency in a hospital.

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