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Not really oboe-y at all … but I thought I’d share my day with you:

Today was quite a busy day. It began with a walk. We were going to get my latté and Dan’s cappucino (somewhat late, as we did sleep in) at The Birch, next door to the Gershwin Hotel, where Così will take place. We were meeting up with Jennifer Peterson, who will be conducting Così. Dan will be taking photos on the nights I’m playing, so he was checking out the venue. The coffee was a great way to start the day, as was meeting Jennifer.

From there Dan and I took a train* to the Museum of Natural History. We had lunch there (by this time it was after noon) and later Brandon met up with us there. We checked out the dioramas, fossils, and meteors, among other things. After that we walked a very short walk to Central Park, and had a brief visit there. We took a train to High Line Park, and walked. And walked. From there we walked and took a train to our dinner destination of Veselka. We had a most scrumptious dinner with Brandon and Lia. I think we arrived back at the hotel at about 10:30 or so. One long day, but very fun.

My back held out, but there were times when it was unhappy. Fortunately I can usually find a place to take a seat for a while. The weird thing was that my left knee has decided to be pesky. But that’s life, eh?

I’ll post pictures later. I have to download some from my camera, and I can’t do that at the moment.

*While I want to call it a “subway ride” I suspect “train” is the word a true New Yorker would use. I’m using it because it’s shorter. 😉

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[name here] is on another oboe kick…..why can’t brass musicians be this musical?!?!?!?!

(Please note: I don’t write these. I just post ’em!)

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We are here in NYC, and I’d post pictures but we are racing out the door to meet up with Jennifer Peterson of the Così event. We’ll be checking out the venue where I’ll be playing and Dan will be taking photos. Stay tuned for more pictures, but for now this is it (just a little picture; this is the view from one of our hotel windows) … gotta run!

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Why, oh why did I invite Kendall to my oboe recital thing?