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The New Haven Symphony Orchestra surely has never had a curtain call quite like this. The soloist took his bows, thanked the audience, and gestured back toward the 20 string players. “Now give it up for the band,” he urged. The audience howled, and the orchestra sat stone-faced.

I read it here.

We’ve played with Robert Bonfiglio a few times. He’s a good entertainer and good at that harmonica playing. Truly. Go ahead and roll your eyes, but he really impressed me and I think you’d be blown away too.

I’ve had musicians scoff at the “it matters how we look” thing. But it does. Live performance is … well … LIVE. We should, I think, look as if we care. Heck, we could even look as if we like what we do sometimes, right? That’s not to say I’m going to break into a huge grin before or after something like, say, the Ravel Piano Concerto second movement, when I’m on English horn. But you can bet that I’ll look like I’m involved. I try to look as if I want to be there (since most of the time I do!). And I try to look as if I’m glad that the audience is there (because I most certainly am).

Now it could be that the New Haven Symphony was looking glum because they are suffering financially. But still … the audience is watching. And we want them to have a good time and to love attending. Part of that is looking as if we are having a good time and love playing.

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Another (yes, there are many of these to be found online) description of musicians in the woodwind section can be found here. It includes this and more:

Oboe: Crazy. There’s just something about the oboe that either A. attracts crazy people, or B. makes people crazy once they’ve played it for a certain amount of time. Because of this, you really get all kinds within the oboe section. But the one thing that is consistent is the quirky factor.

Yep. Who knows which way it goes. Did we choose this wacky instrument because we were nuts to begin with, or did it make us go nuts? Who knows?

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Saxophone is incredibly fun to play frantic woodwind runs with… But I still love my oboe more 😉

So Sunday was another full day here. We ate at the Hungarian Pastry Shop. We saw the Children’s Sculpture Garden, Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine (heard some incredible organ music there too), enjoyed a pretzel (too salty and we were ripped off like good tourists should be), visited B&H Photo, had a fabulous cup of coffee at La Colombe in Tribeca, shopped at UNIQLO

And yes, it rained! It was warm — still no sweater needed — and I do like me some rain.

After doing a bit ‘o shopping in Tribeca we headed over the Brooklyn. We were going to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but the rain told us this wasn’t the day. We took a train instead, and after a bit of a detour (oops, express train!) we went to Lia’s, and then out to The General Greene for dinner. Yummy!

So now that the story has been told … here are some pictures! (Click on a photo to enlarge.)

Breakfast at around 11:00 (so much for adjusting to the time!):

Sculpture Garden:

St. John the Divine Cathedral:


Walking a Brooklyn Street:

Love me some beet salad for dinner:

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PS I never pour scorn on tuba players on account of fact I play the oboe (very badly)

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Accused of ducking his responsibility for more than four years, Hillier suddenly had the approximately $90,000 in back child support wired overnight to an account in the Multnomah County’s Support Enforcement Division.

“He’s been fairly cooperative,” said Multnomah County deputy district attorney Jennifer James, “once we got his attention.”

Hillier faced a nationwide arrest warrant, accusing him of four counts of the felony charge criminal nonsupport for not making court-ordered payments for his two daughters living in Oregon.

“It’s certainly one of the most stringent remedies we will exercise to seek enforcement of support orders,” said Bette Yada, supervising attorney for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Support Enforcement Division.

Hillier could not be reached Friday. He did not respond to e-mail messages.

Hillier, whose devotion to choral music has made his choir a standard at world music festivals, had not been in the United States for four years. This created a dilemma for Oregon authorities, because Denmark does not recognize Oregon’s child support enforcement orders, like other countries do.

So Multnomah County prosecutors kept tabs on Hillier’s professional Web page where they learned of Friday’s performance in New York, calling it a “rare United States visit for him” in a court affidavit.

Read the rest.

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Here are are a few pictures from Saturday. Anyone on Facebook or Twitter saw more, but for now these’ll have to do for the website:

In the morning we met up with Jennifer Peterson:

Then it was to the American Museum of Natural History:

Where we took a jaunt to another continent …:

… we finally did get over the the park! Really.