So Sunday was another full day here. We ate at the Hungarian Pastry Shop. We saw the Children’s Sculpture Garden, Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine (heard some incredible organ music there too), enjoyed a pretzel (too salty and we were ripped off like good tourists should be), visited B&H Photo, had a fabulous cup of coffee at La Colombe in Tribeca, shopped at UNIQLO

And yes, it rained! It was warm — still no sweater needed — and I do like me some rain.

After doing a bit ‘o shopping in Tribeca we headed over the Brooklyn. We were going to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but the rain told us this wasn’t the day. We took a train instead, and after a bit of a detour (oops, express train!) we went to Lia’s, and then out to The General Greene for dinner. Yummy!

So now that the story has been told … here are some pictures! (Click on a photo to enlarge.)

Breakfast at around 11:00 (so much for adjusting to the time!):

Sculpture Garden:

St. John the Divine Cathedral:


Walking a Brooklyn Street:

Love me some beet salad for dinner:


  1. Sounds great so far. When do you actually work? 🙂

  2. Tomorrow and Wednesday evenings I PLAY. (Me work? Never!)