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I’ve been having this craving to learn to play the oboe. And then I saw how much they cost……….

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… especially since one of them is my brother?! (Can you guess which one is Timothy?):

I am looking forward to Dan’s photos; I can promise you they will be much much better! The two above were taken from my iPhone, set on that backwards setting. I notice those are grainier than the normal setting. Ah well.

Thank you, Jennifer, for including me in Così fan tutte: Some Assembly Required!

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Larry King: Do you think you could sing like, uh … let’s say, uh … Pagliacci?

Snoop Dog: There ain’t much I can’t do, Lare.

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Okay … no words from me (after this intro) … just listen and watch, and maybe ponder a bit or scratch your head! (Thanks, Paul Barrett, for this!)

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Just a few from my iPhone to share today … remember you can click on them to see them larger:

It was great fun to meet Sarah Loveland-Gill. We were oboe buddies (and tacet buddies as well … there’s a good amount of down time in Così):

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You play the oboe, too? That’s VERY different armature than the flute… isn’t it??

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Dan and I went to MOMA yesterday. It was wonderful, although of course we didn’t come close to seeing it all. I did get to my favorite rooms, and enjoyed Starry Night. I took pictures of various contemporary works that included music in some way or another. But taking photos of paintings really doesn’t work all that well. Still, I’ll post a few here. Because.

After that we met up with my brother Timothy, his wife Margaret, as well as Brandon and Lia. What a wonderful dinner at a vegetarian Korean restaurant! But what a shame that Timothy and I had to race out, missing dessert, because we needed to get to the Gershwin Hotel for Così. (This reminds me, I never DID get a picture of the Gershwin hotel, which has a rather interesting entrance. Oh well!)

No pictures right now … I’m too tired to go through them, and I think I should attempt to get to bed before 12:30 this time. Perhaps I’ll get some up later. Time will tell!

Only today left for New York City fun. We head home Friday. This really has been a very fun trip, and I can’t believe it’s about to end. I’ll be happy, though, to get back home.

There’s no place like home ….