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Funnies from the opera pit: opening night of La Boheme, spaghetti flies off the stage & attaches itself to the music of the 1st oboe. Later, a glass of water tips over onstage & proceeds to flow to the edge, dripping for several minutes on the head & left side of the 2nd bassoon. Maybe more adventures to come???

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Our shuttle picks us up in a short while, and we’ll be back on the west coast this evening. This trip has been incredible, and I’m so glad we were able to make it happen. I so rarely take vacations, but doing something like this reminds me that I do have an awfully good time!

Below are some photos from yesterday. We went down to the Wall Street area. We saw the World Trade Center site (yes, it hurts to see it). We had lunch with Brandon near his current workplace. We walked. And walked. And went halfway over the Brooklyn Bridge and back.

I’d post more, but we have to head on out now! See ya on the other end of the country!

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*dies a billions times* I’M GETTING A NEW OBOE! And it’s WOODEN! ^_^ Squeeee!