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I received a lovely note (you can read a portion below) from Bryan Walker asking if I’d post his video. I’m more than happy to do this. There are some I might opt to not post, but I think this is worth a listen! Again, I do encourage readers (and reeders) to fill me in on their videos in case I miss some. I can’t always keep up with new videos online.

Here’s what Bryan wrote:

I am frequent reader of your blog and I keenly remember you encouraged your followers to send you links to recital performances. Well earlier this month I attended Tom Stacy’s seminar and I had a friend record my recital performance. I played the 3rd of the Drei Stucke by Jan Koetsier, which was transcribed by Lou Rosenblatt. I put my performance on youtube for 2 reasons, to get feedback on my playing and to get some exposure for this great piece! I would be honored to grace the “wall” of your blog, but if you decided against posting my video I won’t be offended!

It sounds as if Bryan is up for critique. Please, though, be kind if you opt to make criticisms. Me? I am just enjoying it! 🙂

Drei Stucke by Jan Koetsier
Mov. 3: Böhmische Serenade
Transcribed by Louis Rosenblatt
Bryan M. Walker: English Horn
Dr. Teddy Neidermaier: Piano

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