… only because I experienced it again today, albeit quite mildly.

As most readers know, I have tinnitus due to the whole episode (if you want to read about it start with the blog entries here) that I had over a year ago now (although of course I might have had tinnitus anyway, considering my career!). Vertigo has come and gone as well, but has mostly been quite mild. And I have a bit of hearing loss in my left ear. I realized, after arriving home from our trip, that I didn’t notice the tinnitus at all while in New York City. I guess the noise of the city just blocks it out. Maybe a prescription from my doctor should include an annual trip to New York, you know?

Today, though, turned into a DizzyDay™. The first thing I noticed after a drive over the hill (to Santa Cruz) and back was that my ear was really noisy. Much more so than usual. And then I realized I was feeling a bit ill. After teaching my one and only student of the day I realized I was also pretty darn dizzy. So I think I’m piecing some things together, finally; I think that when I have “screaming ear” I should expect and be ready for dizziness. The very first time I had this (the worst episode ever) the doctor prescribed some pills she said were to help with dizziness and nausea. I still had one of those pills so I decided to take it tonight. Before doing so, though, I wanted to identify it so I could ask her for more in preparation for the next episode. Turns out the darn stuff is merely diphenhydramine. Heh. Yep. Over the counter stuff. Go figure. I can pick that up and just keep it on hand. (I buy generic, but if you buy Benadryl it’s the same stuff.)

I think I’m also starting to understand what triggers can set this off. One is fluorescent lighting. Another is getting car sick. (I was sitting in the back seat and I suspect that’s not a great location for me.) I like knowing all of this. I don’t like having this, but at least the more I know the more I can deal with it.

Meanwhile … back in the real world … the GIANTS are ahead, 16-5. That’s more important than anything I’ve written above this, eh?

Q:What is an oboe reed made out of and when was the oboe first used?
A: Modern Oboe reeds are typically made of plastic. The double reed is sometimes made from cane. The oboe was played by huntsmen in the middle ages until it was finally introduced to orchestras in France in 1657. ChaCha!!!

Please oh please oh please oh please oh please don’t use a plastic oboe reed. K?

I read it here. My heart immediately began to hurt.

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Israeli-Argentine conductor Daniel Barenboim called on classical musicians Thursday to take elitism out of their art and make it available to the masses, as he will be doing at the weekend with a free concert.

“It’s very important to do mass events once in a while, to show that classical music is not elitist,” Barenboim told reporters after receiving the Bicentennial Medal for outstanding contributions on the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s independence.

And I’m fine with doing something for free now and then. Sometimes.

I found a 2006 article about Maestro Barenboim:

Chicago Symphony music director Daniel Barenboim is not just one of the best-known conductors in the United States; he’s also the best paid. Barenboim took home nearly $2 million for his work in Chicago during the 2003-04, the most recent season for which information is available. That’s in addition to his fees for conducting elsewhere and performing as a pianist. His salary made Barenboim, who is stepping down from his Chicago post soon, the highest-paid conductor in the country, according to a study by the <> Wall Street Journal, which drew its figures from documents that non-profit music organizations filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

I don’t begrudge him his salary or net worth, mind you, but I’m always somewhat surprised when someone with extraordinary wealth calls on the regular folks to work for free.

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I recently read of an plot that, even for opera, is a stretch. A playwright in London has written his first opera, a 30 minute work entitled Intolerance. The opera is about one woman’s quest to cure her irritable bowel syndrome. Hmmmm.

I read about it here. I’m not sure I want to do more than read about it.

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[name here] loves the feeling after having a really productive and successful oboe lesson. Band camp tomorrow, aw yeaaaah!

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Do you prefer Miley playing guitar or piano? Maybe she should pick up a totally different instrument all together like say a kazoo or the oboe.

(I’ve not heard Miley Cyrus sing (I hope I’m spelling that name correctly) … but I’d be happy to hear her attempt to play oboe.)

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i want a guitar! a proper one! but no! dad wants me to play [expletive removed] oboe!

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I read about it here. (Sorry this automatically plays … I can’t figure out how to change that!)


So not only do the passengers of this plane not get the choice; they have to listen whether they want to or not (forget sleeping, eh?), but readers of this blog have had no choice but to have this video play. So I’m pulling the video down … just click on the link instead. If someone out there can supply me with the code that would switch off the autoplay I can put it back up. Otherwise … forget it! 🙂