… only because I experienced it again today, albeit quite mildly.

As most readers know, I have tinnitus due to the whole episode (if you want to read about it start with the blog entries here) that I had over a year ago now (although of course I might have had tinnitus anyway, considering my career!). Vertigo has come and gone as well, but has mostly been quite mild. And I have a bit of hearing loss in my left ear. I realized, after arriving home from our trip, that I didn’t notice the tinnitus at all while in New York City. I guess the noise of the city just blocks it out. Maybe a prescription from my doctor should include an annual trip to New York, you know?

Today, though, turned into a DizzyDay™. The first thing I noticed after a drive over the hill (to Santa Cruz) and back was that my ear was really noisy. Much more so than usual. And then I realized I was feeling a bit ill. After teaching my one and only student of the day I realized I was also pretty darn dizzy. So I think I’m piecing some things together, finally; I think that when I have “screaming ear” I should expect and be ready for dizziness. The very first time I had this (the worst episode ever) the doctor prescribed some pills she said were to help with dizziness and nausea. I still had one of those pills so I decided to take it tonight. Before doing so, though, I wanted to identify it so I could ask her for more in preparation for the next episode. Turns out the darn stuff is merely diphenhydramine. Heh. Yep. Over the counter stuff. Go figure. I can pick that up and just keep it on hand. (I buy generic, but if you buy Benadryl it’s the same stuff.)

I think I’m also starting to understand what triggers can set this off. One is fluorescent lighting. Another is getting car sick. (I was sitting in the back seat and I suspect that’s not a great location for me.) I like knowing all of this. I don’t like having this, but at least the more I know the more I can deal with it.

Meanwhile … back in the real world … the GIANTS are ahead, 16-5. That’s more important than anything I’ve written above this, eh?


  1. My husband has had tintinus this last year too, and they suspect it is Menier’s Disease (fluid in the inner ear). He gets dizzy and hears I high pitch in one ear, and also a buzzing low in the same ear. It flairs up from time to time, usually for a week or so.

    The doc recommended he try lowering his salt intake – it has been wonderful for him as he hasn’t had an episode (knock on wood) for 6 months now. Especially great because apparently each time he has an episode there is permanent hearing loss. He is an amateur trumpet player, so this is a huge thing to him, and he always wears ear protection. Just sayin.

    Don’t know if this is something you already know, but I thought I’d share! But my guy was a big salt eater – jerky and those nasty noodle cups every day (prior)!

  2. I had asked about Menier’s Disease but the otologist said this isn’t that. She believes mine was brought on by migraine’s. The first episode was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced … quite scary (my husband thought maybe I had a brain aneurysm). Now I can feel an episode coming on and I think I know what I should do. It’s difficult, but manageable. The tinnitis is, for me constant. No low buzzing, though. My hearing loss is all in the high range. The doctor said that Mineier’s is usually in the low.

    In any case, I feel for your husband … this ear thing is something else! And being a professional, this makes it even more troubling! The interesting thing is that I’m MOST comfortable in the orchestra, or in the buzz of New York City! And yes, I own my “musician’s ear plugs” … costly, but quite worth it.

    As to salt: I rarely use it! I’m a low salt person. Now if it were related to chocolate I’d be a goner! 🙂

  3. Hi – I do wish this would GO AWAY!!!

  4. Maybe I should just move to NYC, mom. I didn’t notice it at ALL there!

    Or maybe not.