A brass instrument is a musical instrument whose tone is produced by vibration of lips as the player blows into tubular resonator. there are many brass instruments ,including the trombone ,trumpet,tuba,baritone,french horn,English horn,flugelhorn etc..

Hmmmmm …

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[name here] working on a very interesting beat, got some chinese koto and oboe influence lol

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Anyone heard of the “Munchkin Magic Cube”? I hadn’t. Until now. I think I wouldn’t have minded never hearing it. I’m trying to imagine hearing this day in and day out.

At the same time … maybe it’s just great for kids. Dunno. I know my 28, 25 and 21 year old children wouldn’t care for it. Now.

Here’s what I read about it elsewhere:

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. This music is a perfect gift for the children this gift of a musical toy for the perfect toy interactive. Cube sounds produced masterpieces, combined to create eight Mozart includes tools such as Violin, flute, piano, horn, harp and lute. This toy is perfect for your child especially if you want a great young composer.

Here are several reviews:

See all Baby Toys reviews at Expotv

Of course the most fun is watching daddy having fun with the toy:

Or baby:

Okay … I’ll leave you alone now. Promise. Maybe.

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I have no idea what instrument this is (some sort of traditional English horn?), but it’s definitely meant to poke fun at Hagrid in his out-of-character role. Williams continues to display his virtuosity at adapting a new theme over and over in many new contexts.12. Monster Books and Boggarts!

(Is there a non-traditional English horn?)

I do believe the writer is hearing an English horn. I played music from Harry Potter and there’s a very fun English horn lick. I remember Hagrid’s name in the title.

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I need an invisible orchestra to play the soundtrack to my life. Like when my boss walks past: oboe