A brass instrument is a musical instrument whose tone is produced by vibration of lips as the player blows into tubular resonator. there are many brass instruments ,including the trombone ,trumpet,tuba,baritone,french horn,English horn,flugelhorn etc..

Hmmmmm …


  1. No, Patti, you don’t hum, you gotta buzz your lips. You know how to buzz your lips, don’t you Patti? You just put your lips together and buzz.

  2. I’m assuming you are talking to “patti with an i” rather than me?

  3. I meant y. Someone named Patti recently corrected me in the other direction.

  4. When people ask me how I spell my name I say, using my best whiny voice for the final three words, “It’s Patty with a “y”, as in “why why why?”” They seem to remember from then on.