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I read this online:

Baby Oboe still likes his formula, but Piccolo and Banjo are big kids now.

So … guess what the blogger is talkin’ about?

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Professional Oboe Dilemma: Oboe Or Clarinet?

K, I’m in grade 8, and started playing the oboe at the beginning of the school year. Up until now, I’ve hated it. Our band director gives us boring parts, We don’t stand out, and the other oboist overshadows me quite a bit. So i was discussing with my director the possibility of switching. He said he would meditate on it. Now, I just came back from band camp, Where i had a private clinic with a professional oboist. She basically made me like oboe. She made me feel important. So now I feel like I want to keep playing the oboe. A couple of days later, My band director told me that if i were to switch to clarinet, I’d basically be section leader. I was good enough on the clarinet last year i didn’t even have to audition for a new instrument. That’s why I’m playing the oboe. But now I can’t decide. Lead clarinet or solo oboist?

Duh. Oboe.

Who wants to play a clarinet made of lead, anyway?!

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[name here] practiced my Oboe for the first time this summer. I wanted to play some before tomorrow. Now everyone in my house is deaf. OOPS 🙂 Just kidding. But Brian came in the door yelling, “it sounds like a dying goose!!” 🙂

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The McDonald’s That Plays Classical Music from Alexis Madrigal on Vimeo.

It may not be as sexy as the saxophone or as elegant as the flute, but we must give some props to the workhorse of woodwinds, the oboe, which originated in the 17th century. Fans of classical music will enjoy today’s An Oboist’s Life. The concert will be led by University of Houston Moores School of Music professor and oboe player Dr. Anne Leek…

And all this time I thought the oboe was sexy AND elegant. Sigh.

I read it here, and if you are in Houston this concert is on August 31. (If you’re not in Houston it will still be on August 31.)

(Don’t you think, though, that if an oboist is to give a recital called An Oboist’s Life we should just sit in a chair and make reeds for a few hours? Hmmm.)

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I feel so weird calling my oboe teacher by her first name. I feel weird typing a formal email!

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I just watched a wonderful video. Maybe everyone here has already seen this, but it’s entirely new to me. He has SO much to say. Please watch the video.

Sir Ken Robinson on creativity:

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

“We are educating people out of their creative capacities.”

and four years later:

Many thanks to Joyce DiDonato for sharing these with us at her wonderful blog.

P.S. I don’t wear a watch! (You’ll only know why I say this if you watch that second video.)