It may not be as sexy as the saxophone or as elegant as the flute, but we must give some props to the workhorse of woodwinds, the oboe, which originated in the 17th century. Fans of classical music will enjoy today’s An Oboist’s Life. The concert will be led by University of Houston Moores School of Music professor and oboe player Dr. Anne Leek…

And all this time I thought the oboe was sexy AND elegant. Sigh.

I read it here, and if you are in Houston this concert is on August 31. (If you’re not in Houston it will still be on August 31.)

(Don’t you think, though, that if an oboist is to give a recital called An Oboist’s Life we should just sit in a chair and make reeds for a few hours? Hmmm.)

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  1. Saxophone is so not sexy… it’s way too loud and not subtle and mysterious at all. It’s macho-y. Which isn’t sexy. The oboe is sexy! (insert “haha, phallic instrument” joke here.)