27. August 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

I feel so weird calling my oboe teacher by her first name. I feel weird typing a formal email!


  1. I’ve called both my oboe teachers by their first names. When I started lessons with my first teacher I was about 8, and I think he introduced himself with his first name but I’m not sure. I do remember him telling me a story about how a student of his, when taking a theory exam, didn’t even know his last name to write on the form.
    I didn’t know how to adress my current teacher at first, but when he ended an email with his first name and started it with “Hi Eefje” I just stuck with the informal things.

    But now I’m wondering how other people do this? Do your students call you patty or mrs. I-don’t-know-your-last-name?

  2. Most of my students call me by my first name. Some of the younger ones call me Mrs. Mitchell because their parent tells them to. I try to be sensitive to what parents want, too, so sometimes it stays “Mrs. Mitchell” even while Patty is just fine by me.