It’s good to have someone around who can take a picture of me that doesn’t make me look too huge. Whew! Here’s proof that I was checking out all those double reeds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (thanks, Dan!):

He sent me a ton of (huge) files for better photos, since he has a camera that does a bit better job than my little one or my iPhone. But for now I just wanted to put this up. Because. (I’m also hoping he’ll get more pictures from the Cosi event so I can post some of those as well.)

And now I’m hitting the hay … Dan managed to catch a cold while we were in New York. I was smart. I waited until yesterday. But it sure is wiping me out now. With

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[name here] loves the sound of her husband practicing the oboe.

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Ballet San Jose is looking for two, well-behaved Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) to be part of their season opener “Giselle.”

The dogs will be walked onstage by a performer, walk in a circle, then stand on stage during a scene. They need to be comfortable around large groups of people, music and possible applause from the audience.

The dogs will be needed for all three rehearsals and four performances.

Well, okay, they don’t really dance ….

I read it here. Is there a union for dogs?

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i considered the oboe but it wasn’t cool enough