31. August 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: News

A robotic trumpet by Toyota … ahhhh … no wonder they were having issues with their cars! They were busy with this guy.

It is pretty darn amazing. Not that I think robots will be replacing us any time soon (aside from playing TAPS in the military, I guess, eh?). But still …



  1. Can he make an oboe reed? Good question 😀
    Haha, probably not, but then again, how many trumpet players do you know that can make oboe reeds? 😉

  2. Hmmm. I know SOME brass player told me he got into making oboe reeds for his girlfriend or some such thing, but I can’t remember the instrument. I just figured the guy was insane! Who would EVER want to make an oboe reed if he didn’t have to?