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The San Jose Chamber Orchestra called on two of the South Bay’s superfine talents over the weekend: composer Michael Touchi and mezzo-soprano Layna Chianakas. The occasion was the start of the orchestra’s 20th season. The vehicle was Touchi’s “Kahea (The Call),” a new setting of traditional Hawaiian religious texts — which must be some kind of a first in classical music.


Congratulations to both Mike and Layna, and of course BDT and the San Jose Chamber Orchestra! What a fine review! Wish I had been feeling well enough to attend a concert.

Skylar want to play the oboe in the 6th grade band. Found out that lessons will be $60/week and she needs 2 reeds/month bc the only last for 2 weeks and they cost $15-30 each!! Wish I had a friend who plays the oboe! Maybe I will just encourage her to play percussion… I could afford a pair of drumsticks


Rather than watching this here, click on the video. It’ll then take you to YouTube page and make the poster’s numbers go up. C’mon … let’s make sure Dad is right!

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As I’m working on a rather new opera, Anna Karenina, there are others coming out as well …

… there have been far too many inauthentic ones, you know?

(Hmm. Do Klingons have a clue about oboe?)

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Band is total slack time for me cause i don’t have an oboe. How sad. I want my oboe back. 🙂

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I’ve posted tons during the summer, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m guessing some people wonder if I do anything but sit at my computer.

Wellllll … truth be told, I was spending far too much time with the laptop. I’ll admit it. I’ve been told I’m an addict. But hey, I could quit any time if I needed to. Really.

Or not.

But now it’s back to reality with me. Students are all back, opera has begun, and UCSC is just around the corner. So while I will, of course, post more than I should, I won’t be posting quite so much.