I really love Albrecht Meyer’s playing, and this is lovely, but the video that goes with this just doesn’t work for me. Maybe I’m alone in this, though! (Sadly you only get a snippet of the Fauré.)


  1. It’s a little odd. But they’re just not showing the funeral procession going on behind the camera. It would totally make sense then.

  2. I play the oboe. I love the oboe. An oboe player trying to become a pop star? Ain’t gonna happen!

  3. I think the video is great. Its sort of like a music video for classical music. However, I think Albrecht just wants to show off that Moennig d’amore!

  4. Jillian, you like funerals, eh? 😉

    Gordon, I have been attempting to become a pop star and you have really made me wonder if I’ll never achieve stardom. Sigh. I was sooooo close! 😛

    Bryan, who wouldn’t want to show off, eh? But yeah, it’s a music video for classical music and I guess I need to lighten up a bit, yes? 🙂

  5. I think it’s hilarious. I saw this the other day when I was looking up videos of Mayer and then posted it on my friend’s Facebook wall (because she’s basically in love with him). Haha I am particularly impressed with his severe sideburns and his French mustache.

  6. I find it amusing, but a little overdone. It seems like Albrecht is mostly showing off. It’s just all so dramatic, sounds great though. 🙂

    Ans I’m not sure if this would be good for funeral music.

  7. I second Sydne on the sideburns/mustache!

  8. Hah … Sydne and Gabrielle (Gabrelle!?) … you two crack me up! (Okay, is it Gabrielle or Gabrelle? … would you like me to fix that for you, or did you change the spelling of your name?)

  9. Hmm, not sure how that happened, it’s definitely Gabrielle!

  10. I fixed it, Gabrielle … I think it’s that way on another blog entry too. Hmm. If so I’ll fix that as well.

  11. Oh man, this makes me me crack up so much. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I like to share, Cooper. 😉