I don’t really understand some sites; they are clearly not blogs. They aren’t full of advertisements, so it’s not about making money (I guess). But they have tons of articles — sometimes completely non-related — about a variety of things. I frequently find them due to their articles on oboe. Sometimes those articles contain such interesting information:

  • In comparison with different modern woodwind musical instrument, this instrument has a lucid and piercing voice. It’s described as stately and majestical by an instruction book entitle The Sprightly Companion. The timbre comes from the conical bore which is in contrast to the cylindrical bore of clarinets and flutes. This makes the oboe audible amongst different instruments in ensembles.
  • This stately instrument has a pitch that is in live performance C but orchestras normally use a live performance A pitch. The League of American Orchestras state that this makes the oboe’s pitch secure and the piercing sound makes it suitable for tuning.
  • Historically, oboes are made of granadilla or African Blackwood and have three sections – prime joint, backside joint, and bell section. The left hand controls the ten holes on the highest joint while the proper hand is used for the additionally 10 holes on the underside joint. Covered with keys are {two} holes in the bell section.
  • Based mostly on analysis, the oboe, clarinet, and flute are considered as devices which can be on the feminine side. In contrast to that, it has been noticed although not confirmed that boys want the sound of the bassoon, oboe, and English horn than of others’. Some oboists have remarked that these stereotypical views of the oboe might pilot to inconsistency in instrumentation within the future.

So … anyone know what these sorts of sites are about? I’m just curious!

And I hope you enjoyed learning these things about an oboe! 😉


  1. Judging by the slightly-off word choices and sentence structure, I would guess that the articles on these blogs are writing assignments for people learning English as a second language. Perhaps the class combines English writing and some basic technology; students are expected to research various topics (oboes in this instance), then blog about what they’ve learned.

  2. I did assume it was a non-English speaker/writer, but the site doesn’t give any indication that it’s a writing assignment, and I’m finding these all over the place. But perhaps you’re correct! That would make sense.

    At the blog (it says it’s a piano blog) it reads, at the bottom of this entry:

    Nathaniel has been writing articles online for nearly 7 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Musical Instruments, you can even take a look at his newest website on methods to convert avi to mpeg with avi to mpeg converter and Avi converter

    (The end of this is in a language I don’t understand! 🙂