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(Yes, I meant to spell it that way.)

A missing statue? Scary stuff, that. Or something …

For the second time, the bronze statue of an evil spirit from the famous ballet “Giselle” — which the city of San Jose for years prominently displayed at a downtown theater — has disappeared.

The timing seems mysterious too, since the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs had just found a new home for the work and its mate inside the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

I read it here.

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drugged up but the allergies seem to have found a loophole around the meds…today i sound like talking oboe.

My favorite is the chick on the bass clarinet … the fat guy on the oboe does a cool solo …

(This is referring to the video below. There are no oboes.)

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Sure, it looks like fun … but do the instruments really sound like the real thing? Do tell!

The iPad Orchestra from Alex Shpil on Vimeo.

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A dear friend of mine makes reeds (hi Mike!) and he’s mentioned that some people ask if they can choose reed color. (The answer is no … and really, who cares about color when you have a great reed, eh?) I just read this, which I found sort of cute (but $15 or less for a good reed? Forget it!):

Good website to order quality oboe reeds off of…?
I play the oboe, and going to the store to buy reeds constantly is seeming to be a growing hassle between my family’s busy schedule. Because of this, I have decided to start ordering online. I wanted to make sure that if i do order online, the reed will be of good quality, because honestly, who wants to pay 20 bucks for a piece of crap? I would prefer for the reed(s) to be 15$ and under (not including shipping) and if at all possible, I want to be able to pick my thread color… if you know of any good, reliable, quality websites, please let me know! Thanks!

I read it here.

Reeds will, I fear, always be the curse of the oboe player. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it right here: If someone invented a plastic reed that was wonderful I’d gladly pay a heap ‘o money for a few of ’em. Truly. Even charging $1,000 for a great reed that never died … sign me up!

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Joshua Kosman has an article in sfgate about Irene Dalis. It begins:

To experience the full tingle of relief at not being in someone else’s shoes, it’s only necessary to hear Irene Dalis tell about the young soprano who arrived 10 minutes late for an opera rehearsal.

“I told her,” says Dalis, fixing her listener with a gimlet glare, “that it was preposterous to expect everyone else to wait around for her. I pointed out that in this business, it wasn’t enough to be talented – you also have to work hard and be on time. Show up late or unprepared, and you simply won’t be re-engaged.”

Then she adds, with a knowing, semi-indulgent chuckle, “She won’t be late to a rehearsal again.”

But you have to go here to read the rest. Check it out!

I’ve put this up before, but why not put it up again, eh?:

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All by one player. Hmmm. I’m sure I couldn’t do this, even if I knew how the heck to play organ pedals!