I especially loved, “also, are you ever off the ground?”

(And notice a younger looking Woody Allen there.)

Thanks to sociosound for bringing this to my attention!

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[name here]‘s cat seems to hate the Mozart oboe concerto as much as she does

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… to hear the oboe tone described as piercing:

An oboe is a woodwind instrument that produces a clear yet quite a piercing sound when played.

(Read here, on an ezine article about purchasing an oboe.)

Couldn’t we use a different word? Pretty please? Piercing sounds … well … painful. And while we oboists like to make a listener cry, we’d prefer not to do it because we’ve hurt their ears. We would rather hurt their hearts.

We are nice that way.

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Not sure what counter melody is behind the B3 (not C3), but it’s a solo reed like an oboe or a bassoon. Musicology Geek Out!