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A Labor Day Special:

Labor day indeed… Going to my oboe profs house to make reeds!

Young people don’t like concert halls… and wouldn’t normally go to one except for amplified music. There is a big divide between amplified and non-amplified music… The future must bring things which are considered blasphemous like amplifying classical music in an atmosphere where people can come and go and even talk perhaps.. and certainly leave in the middle of a movement if they feel like it. Nobody should be deprived of classical music, least of all by silly conventions.

Jonathan Harvey

I read it here.


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Our first Symphony Silicon Valley will include Nathan Gunn. He’s such a fabulous singer, and I’m looking forward to it. He’s got such a great voice, and I do hope we get a good audience.

(Now I will confess that right now my “fear factor” is high and my “courage card” is missing. Go figure. Something about a — cough cough — concert I played last season that shall not again be mentioned.)

Nathan Gunn has also done Camelot with the New York Philharmonic (yep, they did musical theater … we do musical theater too … how ’bout that?). I ran across an interview with him and Part Two includes this:

I love doing “Camelot” and working with the musical theater people. What I love about them is that they have an incredible work ethic. They put in so many hours. They put on eight shows a week and seem tireless in the amount of time that they dedicate to preparing and performing these shows. We are pampered as opera singers.

Would I commit to a Broadway show? I can’t imagine it happening.It doesn’t fit the operatic world, in which we contract for our time so many years in the future. I will do semi-staged musicals and concerts with excerpts from musicals, but that is as far as I would be able to go.

Currently, I am planning a show with Mandy Patinkin. He loves words and storytelling. We are getting together something on the order of a “Martin and Lewis” collaboration.

Here’s Part One if you are interested in that as well.

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I think I’ll feature a different group playing the Oboe Quartet for a few days …

Mozart Oboe Quartet, K 370
Ensemble Berlin, Christoph Hartmann-Oboe

I Allegro

II Adagio

III Rondeau: Allegro

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[name here] is wondering why my oboe reeds smell like garlic….

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A bale of hay crashes into a founding member of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra):

Cellist Mike Edwards, 62, died instantly when the 50-stone bale smashed into the vehicle on Friday afternoon.

It was understood to have been in a steeply sloping field next to the A381 between Harbertonford and Halwell in Devon.

Mr Edwards recorded several studio albums with ELO between 1972 and 1975. He quit the band at the height of its fame in 1975 to become a Buddhist and changed his name to Deva Pramada because of his religious convictions.

On stage, he wowed fans with a rendition of the Dying Swan which ended with his cello blowing up.

Mr Edwards had been living in Totnes, Devon, and had worked on various musical arrangements in recent years including operas at Sadler’s Wells, London.




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After being in place for only a few hours on a warm afternoon in downtown San Jose, one of artist Luke Jerram’s outdoor pianos was getting a workout.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to play,” said 26-year-old San Jose waitress Mazel Brooks, who was performing “Stardust” on a piano at the Circle of Palms, next to the Fairmont Hotel. As the notes wafted across the city streets, she added, “This is fun. I’ve got to tell my friends about this.”

That piano is one of 20 placed by Jerram, a 35-year-old conceptual artist from Bristol, England, throughout the downtown area and at locations such as Santana Row. It is part of his “Play Me, I’m Yours” installation, an interactive art project like ones he has done in cities throughout the world. San Jose is only the second American location, after New York, where such stars as Alicia Keys were seen playing the pianos.

“This was designed for California and Silicon Valley,” said Jerram, fresh off a flight from Hungary, where he had placed pianos in the city of Pécs for a festival. “There is lots of creativity here, a lot of openness.”


Any Steve Reich fans out there? NPR has something called “First Listen” that allows you to listen to releases prior to their being released to the public. Here’s the Steve Reich link. I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa, but maybe some readers/reeders will want to give it a listen, eh?

Do they do this all the time? If so, I didn’t know until now.

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I want to start a power trio metal band comprised entirely of oboe players. All songs would be written in 7/64ths.

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Dan has posted a series of pictures from Così that are mighty nice. Check ’em out. He’ll have more later, I think.

I hope the event becomes an annual sort of thing. I hope I’m invited back, too. It was such fun.

Of course not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. A friend and colleague (who also says my blog is self-indulgent) thought it was an awful thing … the tweeting, the casualness … ah well. Can’t win ’em all, eh? I guess I won’t be seeing him at the AT&T ballpark* then, for the Opera in the Ballpark event. I’ll sure be there. I’m already dreaming of those garlic fries.

*I have yet to get to a game this year! Might this be the only day I manage to get to the park this year? Will I not see “my” Giants? That would be weird.