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Mozart Oboe Quartet, K370
Oboe: Bilal Güncan
Violin: Bengisu Gökçe
Viola: Ezgi Bilgin
Cello: Serçin Yatkin

I Allegro

II Adagio

(I don’t see the third movement available … sorry!)

(I posted his 5 year old rendition of Rite of Spring some time ago … but look what he was doing at age 4! I wonder if he can make an oboe reed. Hmmm.)

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Had a great WWQ rehearsal at JC tonight. We actually have a real oboe player, haha!

One can, of course, pay attention to popular music and enjoy it more by doing so, just as one can get something from classical music without being all ears. But we are never taught to engage with music the way we do theater or the visual arts — by interacting intently and thoughtfully with what we see and hear. Music is used all around us: We play it in the background while we work and relax, and hear it on television shows and in stores. Listening, however, is the last thing we are doing. No wonder we are bored at concerts — wallpaper becomes the main attraction!

But there is value in learning not just to hear music, but to listen to it. It’s not hard — often reading the program notes for a concert or Google searching the pieces beforehand is enough to give one enough to listen for.

Try this the next time you go to a concert: Ask yourself about the sounds you hear. Why these sounds? Why these instruments? What is being communicated? An emotion? An idea? How do the sounds interact with each other at a given time and throughout the piece? What is the overall structure of the music? Does the music wrap back to its opening or move forward and never look back? What does it mean?

I read it here.

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I’m not good at saying “no”, and people who know me well know a “maybe” is pretty much my two syllable way of trying to say “no”. If I reply “perhaps” it’s not a definite “no”, but it’s a possibility. So now you all know this. Good thing, eh?


Sounds like Jennifer Higdon knows how to say “no”, though:

A concerto for tap dancer and juggler? It’s one of the occasions when composer Jennifer Higdon said “no” to a paying gig.

I read it here.

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Haha, one stanza in my poem is, “When I play my oboe, I am like an Apple product. Improving as time goes by.” It was the best I could do.

A pink oboe case! Pomegranate pink, to be exact. I love it. When I was younger I didn’t care for pink. Now? I love it. Really. Am I a girl or what?!

But …

I’m guessing having a pink case on stage wouldn’t go over terribly well. Guess I’d have to cover the darn thing with the black case cover I use now.

So I guess I’ll save myself the $500 and stick to what I have.